In any initial meeting with a new client, whether they are looking for tailored personal training or to join a class, their goals tend to be fairly universal: “lose weight and tone up”.

During COVID,  we have become familiar with YouTube fitness videos, live Zoom classes, Facebook and Instagram streaming and cashless payment systems.  And more recently, outdoor fitness classes have been able to resume with increasing numbers – there is now an at-home or outdoor exercise option for everyone depending on how comfortable you feel with meeting in-person, and what your budget is. The future of gym classes, however, falls into something of a grey area…

As a trainer, I thoroughly enjoyed holding the indoor Bootcamp classes of old; loud music, lots of people, tons of stations with different equipment and a fast – paced changeover from one station to the next. I was able to keep prices low as the class numbers were high, pack the gym with as many people as wanted to attend, and push up the intensity until everyone was happily red-faced and breathless.

Just reading that description in the current times will probably fill most people with horror – lots of people, in close proximity, sharing equipment, breathing heavily and, even worse, sweating! So what are indoor classes actually going to look like now? Now that numbers will be strictly limited, equipment will have to be sterilised between each use, and well, you know… social distancing.

For a start, clients’ needs have changed. What people are looking for, after months of being mostly housebound and enormously stressed, comfort eating and stress drinking, is more than just an hour a week of anonymity in a large group; it’s more than just “lose weight and tone up”. People are in desperate need of real support – with exercise in and out of the gym but also with nutrition, with stress and with coping with the toll that this pandemic has taken on them mentally and physically. They are all really looking for that connection and support network with others who feel the same way – the human element we have all lacked in recent times.

Secondly, what we as trainers can offer has changed. I won’t be able to teach my large indoor classes – but I can teach smaller classes (and I mean much smaller – 3 to 5 people) in a very safe and strictly controlled environment. Smaller classes means much more tailored, bespoke programmes. And much closer rapport between attendees. Rather than being anonymous in class, you can be part of a small, supportive group who will have access to things like customised home workout videos, live weekly check-ins, tailored nutrition coaching (via our Intelligent Fitness app), monthly recipe packs, weekly challenges and continuous support with habit coaching. We will be able to look at every aspect of your wellbeing, from sleep to hydration to stress management. 

The future of indoor classes has changed, but it has changed in a positive way – because COVID has forced us trainers to re-evaluate what you as clients really want right now, and it’s given us the time to put new systems in place to help. In our new Personal Training Centre, with our newly designed Small Group PT model, you’ll get the support system that you need for every area of your wellbeing. And I’m pretty sure you’ll lose weight and tone up too!

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