September - Back to School!

September is always a busy time for us in the High Performance Centre. With kids back to school and clients back from holidays, everyone who has taken a break from training over the summer is enthusiastic to get back into a good fitness routine again!

The nature of our work as trainers is cyclical, with naturally busy times falling between September and Christmas, and then again in January. That got us thinking this year about how we can better help clients who – for one reason or another – were unable to make it to the gym to train. Whether you were housebound with young children and couldn’t make it to your usual morning bootcamp classes, or whether you had to hit pause on your personal training sessions due to financial strain because of holidays, your training will have suffered. And as your trainers, we don’t want your training to suffer. Ever!

So Intelligent Fitness is taking the only logical step and coming up with some intelligent solutions to your fitness needs. In January, we will be launching a new initiative that will allow you to train from the comfort of your own home, in your own time, and to get the nutrition support you need… online personal training and nutrition coaching!

Watch this space! Meredith and Noel