November - Making a Commitment

On 1st November, we got married! Everyone who knows us has been subjected to months of hearing about our plans, and finally after much anticipation, we got to tie the knot and celebrate with our family, children, friends and clients!

It was a wonderful day of celebration and recognition; of the blurring of lines between clients and friends, between biological family and “step” family, and it was a chance to take stock and reflect on where we are, how far we have come and how proud we are of our family.

As parents, we’re enjoying the challenges and rewards of being a blended family of six unique individuals. Many of the qualities we feel have been so important in bringing our two families together and in raising three teenagers and a pre-teen – kindness, diplomacy, empathy problem-solving (and a working knowledge of psychology and nutrition!) are also really important in the approach we take to our work. Working with clients in the gym is about more than just standing over them and dictating weights, reps and sets – it’s about seeing the person as an individual, and getting to really understand what works for them – and why.

We’ve found that our combined knowledge and differing areas of expertise on strength and conditioning, personal training, nutrition and wellbeing compliment each other perfectly. And our ability to work together on discovering and delivering solutions allows us to provide an overall package for our clients that is more than just the sum of its parts.

We often find ourselves having lengthy discussions about some aspect of training or nutrition that fascinates us or that has come up with clients or family; why is it that teenagers are so drawn to pizza and chocolate? What kind of strength and conditioning programme is really best for a long distance runner? Why are we all so drawn to six week body transformations in January?

It was only after we got married and were thinking about all this stuff – about clients and family and nutrition and training and psychology and wellbeing – that we realised that we absolutely needed to start a podcast. And this is how The Intelligent Fitness Podcast was born!

Noel and Meredith