January - Be The Best Version of You

January, more than any other time of year, is traditionally a time to reflect, and to think ahead about our goals and to look back at the past year. In 2020, we’re launching not only into a new year, but into a new decade – looking back at the past ten years.

The picture above is of me, exactly ten years ago, and today. The girl on the left, the me of a decade ago, was lost, depressed, overweight and anxious. I had lost touch with who I was, overwhelmed by motherhood, post-natal depression and a body that no longer felt like my own.

The girl on the right is me today: happy, healthy, confident and purposeful. And the diference iis down to one thing: exercise. It sounds simplistic, but very shortly after that first photograph was taken, I decided to run. My first run, around the block, left me red-faced and short of breath, with a migraine that lasted 5 hours. But I kept it up, and very quickly discovered a love of running – which represented freedom, headspace and a way of rediscovering myself, before it was about fitness.

Ten years on, I have run six marathons, qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach and, through my work, met Noel who I’m now married to and running Intelligent Fitness with! Discovering exercise that I loved and changing my nutrition to compliment my training made me feel better, which gave me the confidence to make the changes in my life that were needed.

If you could be the best version of you, who would you be?

You may not know the answer to this yet, but I can tell you some things about the journey which might surprise you:

  1. It IS a journey – not a destination. And it will last for the rest of your life.
  2. You don’t have to hate exercise – it’s not a punishment. You are allowed to find a nutrition and exercise plan that you enjoy and that is right for you.
  3. You DON’T have to do Dry January, become vegan for a month or do a gruelling six week transformation plan.
  4. Being thinner won’t make you feel better. Feeling better will make you feel better.
  5. Feeling better happens when you make small, sustainable changes to your diet and exercise.
  6. A good trainer and nutrition coach will be with you every step of the way, and be your strongest advocate.

I believe that I am the best person to help you on the journey to your best self, because I have been you. Ten years ago,I didn’t know the answer to the question above. Today, I do know.

The best version of me is the version of me who helps YOU to be the best version of you.