Nutrition Coaching


Did you know that each day, every one of us makes over 200 food-related decisions?

Most of the choices we make about what we eat, how much and when, are either subconscious - influenced by subliminal external factors - or come about through force of habit. So no wonder, when it comes to nutrition, most people feel dissatisfied with at least some aspects of their current diet, or at the very least are lacking in confidence in their ability to make “good” nutrition choices! Every one of us has an individual and complicated relationship with food. Food is more than just “fuel” and it equates to so much more than just the calories we consume; what we eat defines us, from our preferences and dislikes, to our religious festivals, to our athletic endeavours to our ethical beliefs and how we care for those we love. As a nutrition coach, I am passionate about helping my clients to better understand nutrition; to question what they are eating and why, to make sense of the vast amount of conflicting information we hear about different diets and to understand what it means to have “good” nutrition and more specifically, what it means to have “good nutrition for me”. I don’t hand out diet plans and I don’t believe in extreme restrictions or cutting out food groups for no sound reason. What I have seen proven time and again is that habit-based nutrition coaching and customising your diet to your body type and exercise level is the most effective way to make sustainable dietary changes.


If any of the following apply to you, then one-to-one nutrition coaching might be right for you:

  • You are “good” all week but your nutrition falls apart at weekends and then you have to start all over again on Monday
  • You suffer with disordered eating or snacking that feels beyond your control
  • You have repeatedly tried restrictive diet plans like keto, paleo, atkins or intermittent fasting and can’t stick to the plan
  • You have successfully tried Weight Watchers or Slimming World, or used apps like MyFitnessPal to lose weight, but then it has crept back on again
  • You suffer from bloating, poor digestion, broken sleep or lethargy that has not been linked to a medical condition
  • You would like to transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet without becoming deficient in macronutrients or micronutrients
  • You are training for a sport or a sporting event and want to improve your performance


Certifications: PN L1 PN L2

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