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I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and Partner at Swords Fitness Hub, Dublin, and I have been working in the fitness industry for a decade, having previously lived in the States, India and the UK.

With a history of yo-yo dieting, anxiety and depression, in my ‘30s I discovered a love of running.

Exercise literally changed my life and I decided to dedicate my career to helping other women struggling with frustration around body confidence. Intelligent Fitness came about as a result of having spent many years working with women who were struggling with diet, exercise and low self-esteem, and the realisation that there is so much misinformation online and in the media about how diet and exercise works, particularly for women.

I take a holistic approach to working with clients, which incorporates all aspects of my clients’ lifestyle, habits, goals and history. All of my exercise programmes are bespoke and based on an initial, free consultation. I don’t offer six week transformations or packages, but I do promise my clients that they will look and feel better, have more energy, and most importantly, hit their goals in a sustainable way that will last a lifetime.



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