We’re really excited to be able to introduce our new class timetable for March!

For several years now we’ve been running our very popular Bootcamp classes on a Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30am. Many of our lovely “bootcamp ladies” have been with us for over two years and as a result, our Tuesday circuits and Thursday HIIT/ yoga class is continually evolving and changing to keep things interesting for the class. We have a fantastic group for bootcamp, everyone is so supportive of each other and are great friends, and the members regularly have social get-togethers outside of class, sign up to races together or just hang out for coffee.

Our facility is a great space for anyone feeling a bit intimidated about being in a gym environment; it isn’t  membership gym and we only have a handful personal trainers who work in the space. So aside from the odd trainer with a client, when we have a class on, we have access to the whole gym and it’s private. It’s also a very positive, encouraging space to be in – we’re all about feeling better, moving more and enjoying yourself and there’s not even a mirror on the wall! 

Even so, sometimes joining a class for the first time can feel a bit intimidating, especially if the people in the class seem like old hands, or know each other really well. So with this in mind, we recently introduced two second classes on a Tuesday and a Thursday at 10.30am, specifically for beginners. These classes are aimed at anyone who doesn’t feel “fit enough” or confident enough to join an existing class, who feel as if they have a big fitness journey to go on but don’t know where to start. Everyone who signed up to this class five weeks ago has made great progress (as well as new friends) and it’s been a genuine pleasure to watch them growing in confidence and fitness as the classes have progressed!

As of next week, we’re also starting a class aimed at older adults. Our 60+ Fitness classes will be on a Wednesday and Friday at 10.30am and are for anyone aged 60 plus who wants to get more active. It’s really important as we age that we keep up an element of resistance training (with weights or bodyweight) to keep the bones strong and protect the muscles from atrophy. It also becomes important as we get older to pay special attention to things like balance and mobility, to help keep us active for longer and to protect against falls. So this class is specifically designed for anyone who feels they might struggle to keep up with a less specific class, and who would like to become more active, make new friends and generally feel better!

If you’re interested in signing up to any of our classes, do get in touch!