December - Our Podcast

With only three weeks to go until Christmas, the countdown is on! For the next few weeks, it can be a challenge to stay on track with your nutrition and fitness; a lot of people find that once Christmas party season begins, and they are eating and drinking more than usual, fitness starts to slide as well. Knowing it’s a finite time and that in January you’ll get back on track again, it’s all too easy to go crazy for a couple of weeks, regret it and then feel the need to punish yourself in the New Year. It’s no wonder that January is often the busiest time of year for us in the gym!

As happy as we are to be busy in January, we try to help our clients to stay focussed and on track throughout December as well; the cycle of excess and punishment isn’t physically or psychologically healthy, and December is a good time to remind ourselves of the importance of consistency. Try to limit your “cheat” days with food and drink to the big occasions; find the time to fit in that walk or class as well as going to the office Christmas party; drink plenty of water and fill up on colourful fruits and vegetables instead of that chocolate selection box!

Our big news this month is that our podcast is now live! The Intelligent Fitness Podcast is now on Spotify and in our first episode, we discuss the quick fix six week training programmes that are aimed at everyone in January who is mentally beating themselves up about Christmas overindulgence. Is a six week training plan advisable, and if not why not? Head over to Spotify and have a listen to find out what we think!

Noel & Meredith