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Between us, we have over 30 years experience of training clients in the gym, both on a one-to-one basis and in small groups. Our philosophy when it comes to training is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to helping you meet your fitness goals. Every person is an individual with a unique combination of goals, exercise history, lifestyle factors, availability to exercise and fitness levels, all of which need to be carefully considered before we write your bespoke personal training programme.

We offer a free, detailed consultation to new clients to find out as much as we can about what motivates you, and exactly what you are looking to achieve from your sessions – as well as to allow you the opportunity to meet with your trainer and have a look around the High Performance Centre, before going ahead.

Once you make the decision to sign up for personal training, it is important to take detailed measurements and tests which will allow us to set measurable goals and allow us to keep track of your progress. Whether it is weight-loss, rehabilitation after injury, increased mobility, improved fitness or training for a specific event, we will help you set realistic, attainable goals, and regularly track your progress towards them.

Because we understand that there is more to any training programme than just the appointments you have in the gym with us, we take pride in keeping in contact with clients throughout the week to offer encouragement and advice, and to look at other factors influencing health and wellbeing such as nutrition, sleep and stress.

Meredith Emily |
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach


Meredith is living proof that you don’t have to have a lifelong relationship with the gym to transform your fitness and wellbeing; it wasn’t until she was in her ‘30s that she overhauled her diet and fitness, qualified as a personal trainer and made the move to the fitness industry.

With a background in corporate property investment, Meredith was a stay at home mum with two young children. Overweight, with a history of disordered eating and suffering with post-natal depression, she put on her old runners one day, set out for a run – and has never looked back!



From that first arduous jog to the end of the road to overcoming depression, losing weight and running a sub 3:30 marathon just 18 months later, the decision to get fit changed Meredith’s life.
In 2013, while out running, she had the vision for a unique fitness package; one that cut through the wealth of misleading information she had encountered online on fad diets, quick fixes and total body transformations, and instead provided sensible, scientifically proven, realistic advice – for normal people – on fitness, wellbeing and nutrition.

Intelligent Fitness was brought to life after Meredith went back to study and qualified as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and since then she has devoted her time to helping others on their journey to fitness and wellbeing. She currently works with both personal training and nutrition clients on a one to one basis, as well as holding regular bootcamp classes, running workshops and corporate nutrition lectures. She is passionate about helping clients develop sustainable, habit-based skills that last a lifetime.

Noel Cowman |
Personal Trainer &
Strength and Conditioning Coach


Noel is one of Ireland’s most experienced and qualified fitness professionals.

In his late teens and early twenties, Noel played competitive rugby and competed in natural (steroid-free) bodybuilding contests. He knew from a very early age that his career lay in health and fitness and by the tender age of 18, he was already working as a gym instructor!

28 years on, Noel remains passionate about both continuing his own education and about teaching others. He has helped literally thousands of clients achieve their fitness goals, as well as tutoring and lecturing in personal training. His particular knowledge of, and interest in, corrective exercise and rehabilitation has led to his specialisation in helping people get back to full mobility following injury.

Noel has also worked as a trainer with the television show Biggest Loser UK,
and at one time was the “Resident Fitness Expert” on TV3’s Ireland AM.


No matter what their goal – whether it’s succeeding as a professional athlete, losing 10lbs or coming back from injury – Noel takes pride in working with clients on sustainable goals; safe, realistic, user-friendly skills and sound, well proven advice that gets them where they need to be safely and efficiently, and without cutting corners.

“Last year I had my posterior cruciate ligament reconstructed having ruptured it playing rugby. After the surgery I received treatment from Noel. I was delighted with the work that he did. His knowledge of rehab and functional training was great and having been given a slim chance of playing again Noel has got me into a position to play this next season.”

-Brendan Carpenter

“About a year ago I had a bad back injury where I damaged one of the vertebra. I had experienced significant amount pain and reduced mobility after this. By working to Noel’s plan of corrective exercises I have been able to get back to being fully functional and pain free.”

-Conor O’Kelly

“I have had the pleasure of working with Noel on both a professional and personal basis. As an Athletic Therapist myself I work with many clients who require initial rehabilitation and recovery from injury, as well as continued biomechanical analysis, corrective exercise, strength and conditioning and functional programming, and I have never had a single hesitation referring my clients to Noel to continue their care and achieve their goals.

As an athlete myself, I’ve worked with Noel in recovery from my own injuries, and as part of an ongoing S&C protocol both individually and as part of a senior club football team, and his experience, expertise and approachability have been an absolutely key part of my success over the years. “
-Danny (Fingallians Senior Player)