Unbelievably, it’s now been 16 weeks since the gym closed its doors and our lives changed completely. Over the last 16 weeks, we have continued to train clients in whatever capacity we can, adapting to the ever changing guidelines as to the safest way to do this.

We have managed to keep classes going right from the start, and to date Meredith has done exactly 105 online Zoom classes! Six weeks ago, we were also able to start offering small classes of three people and have been able to increase that number subsequently to classes of 14. From this week, we can have an unlimited number (well technically 200, but realistically that’s unlikely!) in our outdoor classes providing we continue to adhere to social distancing and hygiene guidelines, which we are committed to doing.

We are really excited to be able to work with clients and classes again in person, but understandably many people are still not entirely comfortable with meeting one to one, or coming along to a real-life class. It’s also “technically” now the school summer holidays, so there are plenty of parents who just can’t commit to getting to a class. With this in mind, we have decided to continue our very successful Zoom classes for July and August.

Initially, classes were run Mon-Fri for 20-25 minutes per day, and that format worked really well in lockdown but from next week (Mon 6th July), Zoom classes will be run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am for 40 minutes. Each class will include a full body workout, with a focus on either cardio, core or yoga stretches (you can sign up via our shop).

Outdoor classes are going to continue in Malahide for the foreseeable future, as we work to provide a way of safely offering indoor classes. They will take place on a Tues and Thurs at 10am and 5pm. So between our virtual and outdoor offerings, you will be able to find a class or combination of classes that work for you (and if you are feeling really brave you can sign up for a class every weekday!).

One to one personal training is available both virtually and in person (outdoors), and will continue to be available outdoors for the next two weeks. In line with the GAA directive, the gym in Fingallians will finally be in a position to open its doors on Monday 20th July! We’re really excited to be able to get back to personal training in the gym from that point and we’re working hard behind the scenes to make sure that we can offer a training session and an environment that is safe for everyone, and also that we can offer a comprehensive online service via our website and new app.

So thanks to all our lovely clients and friends for bearing with us through all the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, and for so graciously and enthusiastically throwing themselves into our modified classes and programmes! As ever, we welcome your input and feedback so do keep in touch!!

Noel & Meredith